What We Do

We are a platform that promotes connections between evidence intermediaries and decision-makers across sectors and fields of knowledge. 

When we say evidence intermediaries, we include science academies, civil society organizations, fact-checking organizations, knowledge brokers, and all others that support decision-makers with best evidence and support evidence producers with insights and opportunities for social impact. 

We convene this plural ecosystem of stakeholders to assess common challenges and opportunities to ensure quality in and timeliness of evidence support in the LAC region.

searchEvidence Ecosystem Situation Analysis

We developed an analytical framework to understand the Evidence Ecosystems in our region. To date, we have prepared three summarized reports (BR, CHI, COL) for dissemination, focusing on the health, education, and public safety sectors.

menu_bookEIPM Glossary

A common language is one of the most important requirements for smooth and transparent communication. In this sense, we aim to promote the collective construction of a trilingual Glossary of EIPM adapted to our region.

Explore the Glossary by clicking here.

query_statsEIPM products

  1. Contextualized Translation
    We support partners in translating their evidence reports from English to Spanish and Portuguese, or between these languages, always with cultural sensitivity. Explore the Campbell Collaboration’s Plain Language Summaries that we have translated.
  2. Quick Review
    Through structured searches across various sources and with the support of strategic contacts, we provide our partners with a timely overview of a policy issue in a specific country.


We foster spaces for discussion and knowledge exchange to nurture a vibrant ecosystem of Evidence-Informed Policy Making. This is how we promote and support events such as:

  • Workshops to map and connect institutions involved in evidence intermediation.
  • At EnLACe 2022 we coordinated a regional meeting to coordinate the regional prioritization of relevant topics and methodologies.
  • Semana de la Evidencia is another regional event we co-produce together with On Think Tanks. It is a platform that enables the gathering of various stakeholders dedicated to exchanging experiences in the field of Evidence-Informed Policy making (EIPM).

Explore more on our timeline.

workspacesPromoting Collaborations

One of our main strategies to promote Evidence-Informed Policy making (EIPM) in the region is to connect. 

If your organization or you as a professional have something to share with the network, or if you have any needs related to EIP, please feel free to contact us at contacto@hublac.org. It will be a pleasure to support you in your efforts to strengthen EIP in the region

languageEIPM database

With the aim of providing our network with support in forming new intraregional connections, fostering collaboration, and mapping the needs and capacities of our region, we maintain a database of partners and key actors (both organizations and individuals) in our region and around the world.

+260 EIPM professionals +200 organizations from the region and around the world

mailNewsletter and social networks

Through our newsletter and other communication channels such as our Twitter and LinkedIn, we disseminate events, calls, courses, third-party publications, and other relevant information related to Evidence-Informed Policies (EIPM).

shareStories of change

Inspired by the experience of the Africa Evidence Network, we developed our methodology for recording and crafting Change Stories—structured accounts focused on the actions of individuals seeking to elucidate the factors behind achievements and challenges in Evidence-Informed Policies (EIP) promotion initiatives. 

Explore our Stories of Change here.