Frederik Dejonghe

Master’s degree in Public Policy Management at Insper, with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from PUC-SP. He is a project manager at Instituto Veredas and has been a consultant in social innovation in government for the past 11 years. He has experience in cross-sectoral coordination and collaborative implementation and innovation projects. He conducts research on the topics of intergovernmental collaboration and network effectiveness.

Duber Osorio Bustamante

Dentist from the University of Antioquia (U de A), Colombia; Master degree in Dental Sciences with an emphasis on Forensic Dentistry and Collective Health from the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at U de A.

Researcher/Coordinator in Latin America and the Caribbean Evidence Hub-Hub LAC. Researcher at the Unit of Evidence and Deliberation for Decision-Making (UNED). Enthusiastic about both learning and teaching, with a firm belief in the pivotal role of evidence in guiding decisions within our region.